Conversion Optimization Consultant / 2012 -

Social proof, gaze cue, above the fold, segmentation, keeping the scent, call to action, discoverability, hero image, visual prominence, eye tracking, multivariate testing, remarketing and way too much, way too soon. Right now and at least for two more months the Conversionistas of the world reign supreme.

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Swordfish Inc

Implementation consultant / 2012 - 2012

Looking at large e-commerce websites and implementing analytics suites (as well as our own brilliant product) for them. Looking at the data and coming up with smart things for the companies to do to make more money. Good clean capitalist fun.

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Nordiska museet

Webmaster / 2011 - 2012

Designing and developing for the museums website. Work here was about 200% more interesting than all my previous positions, in addition to that i made about 100% less money so life was altogether twice as good as before.

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See the best piece of work i did there.

Holiday autos

Webmaster / 2009 - 2011

I worked here as a private contractor, my work was 50% designing and developing new stuff that will improve the conversion rate and 50% supporting the business with site updates, campaign material, print, flash, putting out fires and a lot of other stuff. The former 50% tended to be about 200% more interesting than the latter! I was responsible for styling the new look that came online in june '10 and also responsible for increasing the conversion rate by not insignificant numbers using AB-testing and spontaneous bursts of smartness.

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Webdesigner / 2007 - 2009

I used to work here doing webdesignstuff. The resfeber brand is strong and they have a lot of visitors so it was a fun time. I was much involved in redoing the site in '09 and also styling and designing the "smooth shopping" experience (letting the customer browse around on the site and book multiple trips).

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Visit the funniest campaign i did there (now removed but i assure you, it was funny).

Photographer - Love Strandell

Design work / 2010 - 2011

Love likes minimalism and so do i, i have helped him get that look, letting his pictures do all the talking.

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Photographer - Anna Seifert

SEO work and banner design / 2010 - 2011

Anna needed to improve her SEO-ranking, i did all the ground work like changing title-tags, header-tags, alt-tag for images and so on. I also created a nice banner for her to use on the bröllopstorget site.

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Design and development / 2010

Babben Larsson, the famous swedish comedienne needed a blog so we made her one. It is well visited and Babben gets to be funny and look bit goth in the gallery section.

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Anna Behle

Design and development / 2008 -

An online book project on Anne Behle, one of the protagonists of Modern Dance in Sweden. I am very fond of the blue color i use for a background.

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Other projects

Design and development / 2004 -

Some of these sites are no longer online, some of the are. Some look good, some really don't.,,,,,,,