Flyer i made for the olympic weighlifting club i train at. This guys name is Lennart "Hoa-Hoa" Dahlgren and as you can see he rules.

Everybody's done a 60's collage, this is my version. It was used as the centerfold for the invite to a friends 50:th bday party. Great party.

I did not attend art school but if i had i would probably have had a period when doing pretentious minimalistic stuff like this.

Website mockup for a restaurant run by a friend. They did not get around to use it though, pity, i think it looks nice.

Homepage of a now defunct band, Grand Mal. As you can see i was trying very hard to be Rock'n Roll.

Mockup of a homepage for my Auntie Ioleen. She is a musician and lives in Singapore. She also makes fantastic Sambal Kangkong.

Another mockup of a homepage that never saw the light of dawn, i like it cause it is so 90's management silly stupid looking.

Loves page before he decided to go minimal. I like the clouds and also the dont-mess-with-me kid three pics from the left.

Cover of the 60's party invite.

I made this in reponse to some "lets have fun with the Pope looking like Emperor Palpatine" contest. It's a good catholic hand.

If you go to China and enter a store for goth people this is what it will look like.

"Surely Grandfather Tree will show us the way to the Emerald Temple?"

My genious sister came up with this Leia silhouette, i am doing my best to look like a close relative of the Princess.